Merry Meet !

My family lineage, as a lot of others' do, has its roots in Scotland, Ireland, England/Wales and, as in my case, also a little Swedish thrown in. 

My ancestry runs fairly deep particularly in Scotland and Wales; following my Myrick(Merrick) lineage, my 49th Great Grandfather, (King/Leader) Cunedda ap Edern was born in Scotland, in the year 386.  He then passed in Wales in his 74th year.  Quite a ripe old age for his day !

His subsequent heirs eventually spread into England and Ireland, with quite a few persons of the clergy along the way.  Maybe this is why I am so drawn to such ancient traditions -

I had no choice; it's in my blood.  🙂



The ceremony and rituals of Handfasting and cleansing are scared and unique to a person.  They can vary from the simple & traditional, to more elaborate & ornate rituals.

Which ever your style, what ever your need, I will provide professional and personal service to you and yours.

Proud supporter & ally of the LGBTQIA2S+ community

Blessed Be )O(

Lady Gale