The following are some handy tips to keep in mind when planning your celebration:

- Plan ahead ! It will be far less stressful for all involved if you become familiar with all of the steps for your ceremony.

- Consider everyone attending.  My rituals tend to be about half an hour in length.  Is this time frame going to be comfortable for you and your guests ?  Standing for long periods of time, being exposed to the elements (heat, cold, sun etc.)

- If you are holding your celebration in a public place, there may be rules and or regulations.  For instance, noise, bon fires, number of people, garbage collection, etc.  Adherence to these restrictions will keep everyone happy.

- Remember that a circle will be cast that is large enough for the altar, the officiate and you and your partner.  Make sure that your location can accommodate everything.

- Are you inviting anyone that may not be familiar with the Pagan or Wicca traditions ?  You might want to explain the ritual to them ahead of time.  Symbols such as a pentagram or pentacle for example are still misunderstood by a large number of people.  Providing some basic information and answering any questions your guests may have prior to your ceremony will help everyone to feel more included in your special day. 

- Delegate, delegate, delegate !  Let your friends and family be a part of your celebration; let them help !  Make your special day a relaxed and joyous occasion for yourself and your partner.